Saturday, June 28, 2014

Venus Lux!

Among all of these cute Thai ladyboys, I would also like to mention on of my greatest inspirations and idols among the American-Asian transsexuals, my fellow Californian - Venus Lux! She is San Francisco, but her descent is closer to mine than those Thai girls, she is actually Chinese/Mongolian. And no, we "Asians" are not all the same, there is huge difference between us. ;)

Venus is two years younger than me, but she started her transition when she was 19, when she became famous in adult industry (somewhere around 2012), I was in the middle of my transition and when I first saw her she immediately became my idol! For those that are interested in her adult career you can check out this link: Venus Lux with all of her videos, because I don't want to post any adult content on this blog (because that's not the point of it), and for some more information on her check out her Wiki page.

She got that completely natural and believable beauty and femininity, she is a true icon for me. I follow her career from the moment I first saw her and I'm always happy to see she got a new work out. Here are some super hot photos of her:

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